المجلد الثاني العدد الثالث (2019)

Published: 1/8/2019


  1. Health Risks Related to Depleted Uranium Contamination in Iraq. Page 1-8.
    Souad N. Al-Azzawi, Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering
  2. Leishmaniasis in North-Western Yemen. Page 9-13.
    Nabil M Mogalli, Biology Department, Hajjah University
  3. Conventional and Nano- Antibodies and Their Future Uses. Page 14-34.
    Awatif Hameed Issa, Department of Pathological Analyses, College of Science, Basrah University.
  4. Post-mortem Serum Level of Uric Acid: A Biochemical Marker for Estimation of Post-mortem Interval. Page 35-43.
    Hamdi Mohammed Al Khfagi, Nemah H. Aljubori
    Babylon University College of Medicine (BUCOM), Babylon, Iraq
  5. Protective Effects of Turmeric Extracts Against CCl4 -Induced Liver Injury in Rats. Page 44-51.
    Firdaws A. AL-Mashhadani, et al. Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, College of Medical Technology, AL-Kitab University, Kirkuk, Iraq.
  6. Antifungal Activity of Nine Plant Oils Against Local Rhodotorula Species and Scytalidium dimidiatum.
    Salah Mahdi Al-Bader, Knowledge University, College of Science, Pathological Analysis Department. Erbil, Iraq.
  7. Unexpected Noninvasive Procedure in the Treatment of Bronchobiliary Fistula (BBF): Case Report.
    Wadhah Mahdi Saleem Albadir, Department of Anesthesia, College of Medical Technology, Alkitab University, Kirkuk, Iraq.
  8. Association between Microbial Infections and HßD-3 Gene Expression in Oral Cavity of Children with Leukemia.
    Hanan Salman Makii Al-Amri
  9. Causative Agents of Diarrhea in Erbil Children and the Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Bacterial Isolates.
    Sawsan Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sorchee, B Sc, M Sc, Ph D.
  10. Study of Herd Immunity Associated with Tuberculosis Infections in Basra Province, South of Iraq.
    Mazin Saleem Salman
  11. Medical Education Development in the Arab Region Suez Canal University Role and experience.
    Wagdy Talaat, MD, PhD, FHPE
    Mohamed Almoustafa Alsamarai, Laboratory Investigation Department, Samara University College of Applied Sciences (SUCOAS), Samara, Iraq.
  13. Diploma Program in Health Profession Education.
  14. Master Program in Endocrinology.
  15. Instructions to Authors.

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